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Uni K 1

Unitech Brand has been in the textile spinning industry since 1976. We are a technocrat company with a solid background in engineering and technology. We have extensive knowledge of the Spinning Industry and we use this as a database to improve and enhance our products. Our emphasis is on consistency of quality, continuous innovation and improvement of our products to benefit the customer. Now, we see a shift in the customer requirements where the focus is on higher speeds, productivity, economy of yarn spinning. We have used our vast experience of over 40 years to study all aspects of steel treatments and their wearability to develop a special process of steel treatment to manufacture a new ring – Uni K1 . The process imparts properties on the steel surface which are much superior to the hard chrome coating.

The properties of Uni K1 are as below:

  • Excellent wear resistant properties – better than Hard Chrome Coating. A very hard and tough ring as compared to a coated ring.
  • Low Coefficient of friction (as compared to a hard chrome coated ring). This means heat generated on the ring is lower than on other surfaces; which is necessary for compact yarn spinning.
  • The ring undergoes a specialised surface treatment which imparts upon the ring a high fatigue strength – for consistent performance from the time the ring is placed on the ring frame.
  • Smooth & lubricating flange surface enables the use of normal grade travellers even at very high speeds (more traveller surface speed results in a little more spinning diameter to get better output on the same ring diameter).
  • Hard surface which offers superior resistance to acid & alkali.
  • No running in required
  • No upper speed limit

Ideal for :

  • Spinning fine and super fine counts
  • compact yarn spinning
  • Dyed yarns as well as highly abrasive fibres such as acrylic, polypropylene, Kevlar, Linen, Bamboo, etc
  • Man made fibres
  • Coarse and high strength denim yarn
  • core yarn spinning and any other modern fibres and threads