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Spinning Ring

Unitech Brand has been in the textile spinning industry since 1976. We are a technocrat company with a solid background in engineering and technology. We have extensive knowledge of the Spinning Industry and we use this as a database to improve and enhance our products. Our emphasis is on consistency of quality, continuous innovation and improvement of our products to benefit the customer. We began our journey with the introduction of Unitech brand of rings in 1976. We soon upgraded our product to Uni-Com Rings. We can proudly say that we were the first to use computerised controls for manufacturing our Rings in India. It was well accepted by the spinners in the country. Thereafter, once we realised the market demanded higher wear resistance for the spinning rings for fibres such as viscose, acrylic etc.; we successfully developed the Uni Sx Ring to meet this need.

We experimented with various processes for the rings and developed Uni QC ring – a unique product not offered by any other manufacturer. The ring has proved its merits on fibres such as cotton, polyester & rayon. Once again, when the industry focused on lower hairiness and longer life, we developed the Uni Ultima Ring – a coated ring that certainly meets all the requirements. The coated ring has an advantage of a steady coefficient of friction over the steel rings. In the past two years, we have improved on our manufacturing processes with regards to this ring to offer a product that is at par with any other imported ring.

We offer the following range of spinning Rings to cater to every customer requirement:

We offer the following range of spinning Rings to cater to every customer requirement:

  • Uni Com
  • Uni SX
  • Uni QC Hi-Pe
  • Uni Ultima NG
  • Steel Conical Rings
  • Steel Vertical Rings
  • Stainless Steel Rings
  • Ring Accessories such as Adaptors


The next generation of rings especially crafted to meet the requirements of the latest high speed, Elite and compact spinning. On supreme quality 100Cr6 ball bearing steel rings, a very hard & thin micro fine film of atomic coating is given to ensure superior gliding properties at higher speeds A proven product that is already working satisfactorily in the industry.

  • Shorter running in period
  • Suitable for all types of fibres
  • Comparable with any international quality product
  • Consistent behaviour & longer life
  • Suitable for very high speeds


A truly global and economically priced product with salient features of coated Rings. Special hardening processes using latest thermo “SHOCK” treatment to achieve micro diffusion effect for best wear resistance and absolute surface and matrix properties.

  • Supreme quality ball bearing steel 100Cr6 is used in making Rings.
  • A unique user-friendly product widely used and most preferred among black Rings.
  • Shorter running in period and excellent wear resistance.
  • Normal Traveller can be used
  • Consistent behaviour throughout its' working life.
  • Suitable for all types of fibres.
  • Suitable for speeds up to 20,000 rpm
  • A true Value for Money produc



Uni Sx Rings offer improved surface finish and micro-structure to ensure smooth and hassle free running.

  • Manufactured with 100Cr6 ball bearing steel
  • Used widely in conventional ring frames & doubling frames
  • suitable for all types of fibres
  • Suitable for speeds up to 18,000 rpm


A product with high technology surface coating, especially suitable for today’s machines of very high speed, elite and compact spinning systems.

On supreme quality 100 Cr 6 Ball bearing Steel a very hard and thin micro fine film of atomic coating is given to ensure superior gliding and wear resisting properties at high speeds.

  • These Rings have the advantage of shorter running in period.
  • Consistent behaviour and longer life.
  • Suitable for all type of fibres.
  • Suitable for very high speeds of up to 25,000 rpm
  • Internal Diameter available from 30 mm onwards suitable for any type of ring frame.

Uni Com Rings

Uni Com Rings are made from the finest quality steel especially selected for best fatigue and performance.

  • Low cost product for the cost conscious
  • full hardness achieved by carburising technique
  • Best suited for speeds below 16,000 rpm