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Unitech began manufacturing and marketing spinning rings in 1976. Since the beginning, we have been committed to providing quality products and services to our customers. Over the length of time, we have constantly modified our production style and technology to keep pace with the changing requirements. We are continuously improving our products , processes & ourselves in order to meet our customers' expectations. Our products have been accepted as Quality Products that compare equally with the market leaders

Our rings are offered in a range of styles and finishes for every type of spinning frame and yarn production application. Our Uni*QC rings have one of our newest high performance finishes. The ring was designed keeping in mind the ever-increasing need for better performance of ring and traveller at lower costs. Our Uni*Ultima Rings offer better performance at high speeds and lower running in period. We use state of the art technology for manufacturing, designing and developing our rings. Thus, we can offer our customers a ring and traveller combination for better, consistent and efficient working.

Our rings are made to suit all types of travellers and applications.

We have been exporting our products since 1985 and look for opportunities to serve the international customer requirements. We are exporting to various international markets like North & South America, Europe, Asia and Africa.



The Steel that we use is equal in quality to that world over in composition structure, hardenability, wear resistance, strength, & surface quality.

CNC Process

Our state of the art manufacturing processes enable us to offer one of the best quality products on the market. We have strict quality controls that maintain consistency of every ring.

Ring Profile

Our knowledge of the rings helps us in maintaining consistent, accurate, computer controlled profiles.

Heat Treatment

Unitech rings are selectively hardened in accordance with exacting metallurgical standards to achieve high wear resistance due to superior micro-structure and hardness ranging between 60 – 65 HRc.

Surface Finish

We have developed various surface treatments to reduce running-in period, prevent corrosion, resist yarn abrasion and reduce heat build-up on the ring. The surface roughness achieved after the surface treatments is less than 0.1 RA.